What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

Rebecah worked magic! She taught our daughter new tools to address situations assertively, and she managed to build a very close relationship [with her] in record time.
--Caroline Santander

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We had worked with many therapists for my daughter, who has many emotional issues; but the best person we found was Rebecah Freeling, who is not a therapist but a parent coach. She really helped us parents navigate the many issues with our daughter and helped us all tremendously as a family.
--SM, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I learned more in witnessing Rebecah with my two children for an hour than I had in reading 30 parenting books. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
--Lana, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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Rebecah has helped us bring harmony to a household with three children with different needs and personalities… I can't recommend her enough in helping the whole family work through issues together and empowering the kids to feel part of that process.
--Tamina Isolani-Nagarvala

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