Parent Coaching

We've Streamlined Our Coaching Programs!

In part as a response to COVID-19, we’ve streamlined and shortened our coaching programs so they’re more affordable and clients have more options when it comes to program content. We also work with you by video!


Two Teen Boys

Current Programs**

Two Happy Kids
  • **These programs are "real-time," not videorecordings; and they are per family, not a group class. We also offer individual sessions, and yes, we work directly with kids, too!

Here's What Happens When You Work With Us

*Parents yell less

*Kids listen more

*Parents and kids solve problems together so that everyone feels heard and everyone gets what they need

*Parents have new tools that can be used long-term, throughout the course of their kids’ development

*All of our programs include between-session email and phone support, so you don't “get stuck” or derailed between sessions.

*We also have school programs that focus on your child’s behavior at school.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

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For answers to more FAQs, see our FAQs page!