Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed by your child’s behavior?

* Is your child strong-willed, oppositional or defiant? Is it “their way or no way” – or do they just ignore you when you ask them to do something? Do you find yourself fighting with or yelling at your child to get them to listen or do the things they’re supposed to do?

We can show you how to get your child to work with you instead of against you! And this means an END to the arguments, the power struggles, and the frustration and stress that come when there’s conflict. The strategies we’ll give you will meet your strong-willed child’s need for control, and they’ll also make you a strong parent leader your child will listen to!

* Does your child struggle with emotional regulation? Do their meltdowns or tantrums seem excessive? Does their anger lead to physical aggression?

We can teach you to teach your child to self-regulate. As it turns out, today’s most popular strategies just don’t work with the REALLY big feelings – but parents who use our strategies see their kids’ meltdowns decrease by over 90% in just 1-3 weeks, and we solve the aggression, too!

* Have you already “tried everything” – Positive Discipline, Connection and Empathy, Peaceful Parenting, psychotherapy – but these things haven’t worked, or if they did, the changes were short-lived?

There’s a reason today’s parenting wisdom hasn’t worked for your family – and it’s not your fault and it’s not your child’s fault! In fact, today’s wisdom is essentially a reaction to old-school, “because-I-said-so” parenting – which means it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. And we’ve developed OUR approach specifically to solve the problem behavior strong-willed, oppositional or defiant kids can bring. And the strategies we’ll show you work long-term, so you can put an end to that endless search for the next best parenting tip!

Here’s what our clients are saying!

Here’s some of what you get when you work with us:

Tools and strategies that actually work with strong-willed, oppositional or defiant kids.

The Wits’ End parenting approach is a great fit for strong-willed, oppositional, or defiant kids – not only will it reinforce your parental role and position you as a leader in your family, it will also enhance your child’s sense of autonomy and control. And this gets their buy-in to the changes you want to see!

An end to the emotional dysregulation and physical aggression! 

These are not your standard Positive Discipline tools! Parents who use our strategies see the meltdowns decrease by over 90% in just 1-3 weeks, and some of what you’ll learn may surprise you!

Strategies and scripts to resolve sibling fighting.

In a way that teaches the kids how to resolve conflict, all without putting you in the role of arbiter or judge.

Tools and strategies that are customized for your family and your situation

And when we say we’ll tweak the tools to fit your situation, we mean it! As one of our clients puts it, “Wits’ End is amazing at adapting what she knows to your kid and your family.” This is one reason our programs are so effective.

Between-session email and text support,

so you don’t “get stuck” between sessions. Parents often reach out to us between sessions to ask a question about a strategy that was provided in session; to get help applying a strategy when their child’s behavior is particularly difficult; or to get help tweaking a strategy to fit a particular situation or challenge.

Notes from each session and written plans for each week

And best of all?

You get an effective, sustainable approach that will solve the problems that brought you to us.

Many of our clients tell us that we’ve been able to help when their doctors, therapists and psychiatrists could not. Our strategies work because they’re specifically designed for strong-willed kids and they’re adapted to work with your family.

Some Frequently-Asked Questions

Having a hard time with your child’s behavior?

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