Client Stories

“Nobody’s ever talked positively about my child”

Jeanie enrolled in one of my eight-week parent coaching programs because she and her son had “reached a new level of struggle.” 10-year-old Corey had always been difficult. When his parents asked him to do something, he would argue, insisting that he shouldn’t have to do it, or else he would “negotiate,” promising to do it later or promising to do it if he got something in return. “He’s never been an easy kid,” Jeanie said. “But now he’s outright defiant. His anger has gotten worse, too.”

“I’m no longer traumatized by her tantrums”

Hannah’s mom had reached out to me because, as she put it, Hannah (who was 10) was “negative,” with a “bad attitude.” “She pushes back on nearly every task,” her mom said. “And she throws huge tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.” When her mom tried to help her get her homework done, Hannah’s initial response – “You’re too stupid to help me” – would quickly turn to rage. Hannah would get up from the table and stomp around the house, all the while screaming insults and throwing anything in her path.

Eddie’s story: “But I don’t WANT to stop hitting you!”

I love Eddie’s story not just because it shows how he learned to self-regulate, but also because Eddie, who was only 5, was so clear about how he felt when he was asked to go to his Cool-Down Space!

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