Rebecah’s Talks Will Inspire and Empower You!

Need a  speaker or breakout leader for your workshop, event,
or national conference?


Rebecah is an inspirational and entertaining speaker with practical content and a passion that encourages your audience and makes them excited to move forward.

Rebecah will make you laugh. She’ll make you cry. And she’ll show you how you can get what you’re wanting for your family or your classroom!

Rebeccah is an amazing teacher and speaker! She engages the audience with funny and touching real-life anecdotes that all parents can relate to. During interactive sessions, she offers practical solutions and clear, easy next steps to improve and expand your parenting toolkit. I highly recommend Rebeccah as a teacher,  speaker and parenting coach!
--Tiffany M, Oakland, CA

[W]e are so happy to have [Rebecah]! She’s one of our best facilitators. She provides practical, immediately-applicable solutions and she also really connects with her audience. I love to hear her speak!
--Chandra Bailey, Bananas, Inc.

What Does Rebecah Talk About?

For Teachers

✗ Bringing order from chaos without yelling, sending kids to the office, or sending home frowny faces

✗ Why the most difficult kids should be your favorites

✗ What strong-willed, “spirited” kids have to offer the rest of your class

✗ Why every student should have an “individualized education plan” – and how to pull this off

✗ Serving the students who need more attention without neglecting everyone else

✗ How to teach kids that being smart, working together, and being kind to each other are way cooler and more interesting than hating, being mean, or parroting what mean grownups say

For Parents

✗ Being the parental leader you were meant to be – and that strong-willed, “spirited” kids want you to be!

✗ Why “No” is the most empowering word in the dictionary

✗ What to do when your spirited kid hits you, kicks you, or locks you out of the house

✗ How being held accountable to behave nicely inspired one oppositional child to teach other kids to do the same

✗ When connection and “attachment” is not enough

✗ How to get oppositional kids to want to cooperate

[Rebecah] provided us with real life scenarios and gave us great, applicable tools. Parents asked questions and she answered all of them with respectful and practical answers. We all really appreciated that. She has a sense of humor and helped to lighten the mood, which is especially important to those of us who may be blaming ourselves. I hope to have her back!
--Rani Sanghera, Director, The Safe Space Project

AMAZING LECTURE!! Thank you!!!
--Participant at CA Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools annual conference

Rebecah Freeling is amazing! [She has] helped us to resolve behavior issues that otherwise may have resulted in the child leaving our school…She has an obvious love for and understanding of challenging kids that really comes through…She's practical, encouraging, and we love to learn from her!
--Rosie Pham-Myers, Director, Wildwood Children's School