Homeschool Support Program

COVID-19 Homeschool Support Program

*Has COVID-19 turned your home into a school?
*Does your child resist their remote-learning activities like Zoom classes and homework?
*Are you tired of nagging your child, arguing with your child, or yelling at your child to get their work done?

If this is you, we can help!

COVID-19 is arguably the biggest disruptor of education we’ve ever faced. And for the kids who are continuing to get their education at home, Zoom classes aren’t cutting it; most parents don’t have the training or the time to be teachers; and it’s definitely unrealistic to just expect our kids to educate themselves!

And this is why Wits’ End Parenting is partnering with Classroom Matters to help your child engage with and really learn from their schoolwork – while at the same time freeing you from the role of the drill sergeant who has to force them to do the things they’d rather not do!

Zoom classes and parents nagging kids to do schoolwork is not good education. But kids really like working with Classroom Matters, because they get individualized instruction and 1-1 support from experienced, proven tutors. In a remote learning environment, most kids really do need this extra support; they’re just not engaged otherwise.

And Wits’ End Parenting helps with the really strong-willed kids! Even with additional educational support, kids are being asked to do a lot of work on their own, and some kids are really resisting this. Wits’ End shows you how to motivate your child to do the schoolwork they need to do, so you no longer have to fight with them about it. The system we’ll teach you works with other “to-dos,” too – other tasks, behaviors like being nice to siblings, playing outside, or limiting screen time, and last but not least, self-directed work or play, so you can get your things done!

Here are some of the things this program includes:

  • A practical, step-by-step system for time- and task management. And we also teach you what to do when your child doesn’t use the system!
  • Templates and assessment tools to help you learn and track your progress
  • Between-session email, text and phone support from Wits’ End Parenting
  • Meetings throughout the week with a Classroom Matters tutor, so your child feels supported and connected throughout the week. Worried that your child won’t want to attend these meetings? Don’t worry – engagement isn’t a problem when it comes to meeting with these tutors. Kids enjoy the attention and support, and they look forward to these sessions!
  • Weekly written feedback from Classroom Matters that keeps you aware of your child’s progress and any setbacks

Both Classroom Matters and Wits’ End Parenting have worked with kids and their families for over 20 years. Want to find out more about how we can facilitate your child’s education, and support you in the process? Give us a call or shoot us an email!