Are you feeling challenged by your
strong-willed, “spirited” child’s behavior?

We work with kids of all ages - from toddlers to teens!

Having a hard time with your child's behavior?
Avoid these common mistakes!

5 Top Mistakes
Here’s what our clients say
about their work with us:
  • Parents yell less, and kids listen more
  • Parents understand why their kids do what they do
  • Parents and kids make decisions and solve problems together so everyone feels heard and everyone gets what they need
  • Parents have new tools that can be used long-term, over the course of their kids’ development

What people are saying

Rebecah Freeling understands what makes “spirited” children tick and how they are different from the “easy” kids.

–Helen F. Neville, BS RN, author of
Temperament Tools: Working With Your Child’s Inborn Traits

Rebecah has been life-saving for us…She really enjoys these challenging children and…gives you techniques to deal with every type of situation.

–Andrea Durant, MD

As a licensed therapist who works with children and families, I have high praise for Rebecah Freeling.

–Gina Mendicino, LMFT, San Francisco, CA