Does Collaborative Problem-Solving Really Work??

Collaborative problem-solving is trending nowadays, thanks to Dr. Ross Greene, and Wits’ End Parenting has been doing collaborative problem-solving with kids since the early 90s – a few years before Dr. Greene popularized it. (Dr. Greene now refers to his collaborative problem-solving process as Collaborative & Proactive Solutions.) And you know what? Collaborative problem-solving can be really hard to do if your child is strong-willed, oppositional or defiant!

At Wits’ End Parenting we work with SO many parents who say things like, “We’ve tried collaborative problem-solving, but we’ve never gotten past the Empathy step,” or “She’s happy to help find a solution, but I can’t get her to follow through,” or “We want to do collaborative problem-solving, but brushing your teeth just isn’t optional!”

Want to do collaborative problem-solving with your child, but it’s just not working? We can help! Our collaborative problem-solving process:

  • Is a structured, step-by-step system designed specifically to address the challenges strong-willed kids can bring when you try to problem-solve with them. (And kids like the structure!)
  • Is designed to teach the kids who don’t want to problem-solve to collaborate in a genuine, meaningful way.
  • Includes steps parents can take to motivate their child to follow through on the things they’ve agreed to do.
  • Is structured to help families reach the problem-solving step quickly, so they don’t get stuck just talking about the problem.
  • Takes as little as 10 minutes – and we actually tell parents the process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Sound too good to be true? While there is a learning curve, strong-willed kids who know their own mind and like having a voice are especially good at collaborative problem-solving, once they learn to do it. Reach out to learn more about the Wits’ End collaborative problem-solving program. There’s never a charge for your initial consult!

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