Coaching Programs

When Your Kid Gets REALLY Angry: Emotional Regulation and Getting Them to Listen

This program is for you if
*Your kids don’t listen
*The meltdowns and intense emotions leave you really stressed and at a loss
*Your child is physically aggressive and you want that to stop

COVID-19 Homeschool Support Program

*Has COVID-19 turned your home into a school?
*Does your child resist their remote-learning activities like Zoom classes and homework?
*Are you tired of nagging your child, arguing with your child, or yelling at your child to get their work done?

If so, this program is for you! For a longer description and some details, click here.

Transforming Sibling Rivalry

This program is for you if
*Kids fighting with each other is a problem in your home
*You want to be free of the role of “judge” or arbiter of your children’s conflicts
*You want your kids to talk to each other with respect and kindness

Parenting 200: Beyond Discipline to Genuine Cooperation

It's one thing to manage problem behavior, but with strong-willed, "spirited" kids, if that's the only focus, you're always in the role of "bad cop" and boundary-setting is an uphill battle. This program gives you a system for giving kids a real voice in problem-solving and decision-making, and when strong-willed kids feel like they have a voice and meaningful choice, this meets their need for control and autonomy. *The process you learn in this program is key to sustained positive behavior change.*