More Testimonials

My pediatrician referred me to Rebecah’s Spirited Child class and I never thought I would be able to get out of the house six weeks in a row, let alone stay awake and upright from 7-9pm. Happily, Rebeccah’s engaging and lively presentation style not only kept me wide awake, but I looked forward to attending each week and made it to all six sessions. Best of all, the class is judgement-free! Rebecah is so approachable. No questions are off limits. I highly recommend Rebeccah as a teacher, speaker and parenting coach!
Tiffany M, Oakland, CA

Rebecah is an awesome speaker and teacher. I felt supported and encouraged, and I also really appreciated all of her real-life examples… Rebecah inspires me and her lecture also gave me concrete, practical information that I could use right away.
Melania Kelsen, participant at one of Rebecah Freeling’s parenting lectures

Rebecah Freeling is amazing! [She has] helped us to resolve behavior issues that otherwise may have resulted in the child leaving our school.
Rosie Pham-Myers, Director, Wildwood Children's School

No expert has advice that’s never been heard before, but Rebecah Freeling integrates the best of several approaches in a way that’s wonderfully balanced, practical, and empowering. She really "gets" kids and has great insight and observations about their behaviors.
Tamina Isolani-Nagarvala, D.O.

Rebecah’s group is fun! It helps me know when to talk and when to listen. It also helps me know how to play better with my friends.
9-year-old participant in one of Rebecah Freeling's social skills groups

Rebecah has been a huge help in shifting the energy in our household and working towards a more cooperative and positive environment.
Christina Szermer, Oakland, CA